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Introduction to Water Treatment Online Modules

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If you’ve hired some new staff members who will be going on technical calls for your company, AWT has launched a new online training module that will help you to get them trained quickly. From the role of a service technician to transporting products, Introduction to Water Treatment will walk your team members through the entire service call process. This online training is only available to AWT members and it’s free.

  1. Role of a Service Technician
  2. Properties of Water: This module provides an explanation of why water is used in industrial systems; what effects the environment, source and chemistry have on the quality of water used in systems, and the basic terms and definitions used in the industry.
    • Why Water Is Used
    • Water Quality
    • Terms and Definitions
  3. Boiler Equipment: This module provides an overview of the various boiler systems and their components, as well as the basic terms and definitions.
    • Steam Boiler Systems
    • Steam Boiler System Components
    • Boiler Components
    • Hot Water Systems
    • Boiler Chemical Feed Systems
  4. Pretreatment Equipment
  5. Cooling Equipment
    • Cooling Systems
    • Open Recirculating Systems
    • Once-Through Systems
    • Closed Loop Systems
    • Cooling System Feed and Control Systems
  6. Basic Water Chemistry
  7. Common Water Treatment Components
  8. Basic Water Treatment Calculations
  9. Installing Water Treatment Equipment
  10. Maintaining Water Treatment Equipment: This module will provide an overview of a service visit; an explanation of the sample collection process; an overview of test methods; an explanation of how to take inventory and perform feed equipment checks, and an explanation of how to handle a service review and make recommendations.
    • Service Visit Overview
    • Sample Collection
    • Inventory and Feed Equipment Checks
    • Service Review and Recommendations
  11. Inspections
  12. Testing
  13. Record Keeping and Reporting
  14. Transporting Products


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